By Matthew, How Africa, June 01, 2017

Meet Congolese Makao: The ‘Giant’ Bodyguard Of French President Emmanuel Macron

Do the Wanda Boys often like to show they have the muscles here out there? Here is the big brother of the big arm. 2m13 for 140 Kg! Yes, he is Congolese and it was the French president who found him to ensure his safety during the presidential campaign. His name is Makao and he was nicknamed “The Tiger”!

With his look of impenetrable sphinx, his headset stuck to his ear, his unique hairstyle, imperturbability and giant size: the Congolese colossus Makao succeeded in imposing himself in the image of the brilliant campaign that the candidate became President Emmanuel Macron has led in recent months.

Wanda People, a native of Kinshasa in the Congo is a giant in the first sense of the term with measurements that make you flee the problems as soon as you see it.Naturally as a good security guard, there is very little information circulating about this mastodon except that his first language is the lingala he uses most often.

Nicknamed the Tiger because of his beard and his white hair in some place (each his part of nooor style), Makao almost took the spotlight to his boss during certain meetings

being the attraction of the visitors who wanted at all costs to take A selfie with him. This is justified because it is not every day that we meet a man of this magnitude.

Today, President Macron has been given the services of the Security Group of the Republic (Presidential Guard), composed of 64 members, depending on the choice of the president, either from the gendarmerie or from the national police . For the difficult time of knowing if Emmanuel Macron will still appeal to Makao as a member of this team, but what is sure is that because of the notoriety he acquired with this election, no doubt that unemployment can not Be part of his current vocabulary.