By Standard Team, The Standard, June 01, 2017

Pictures of suspects released by police on Monday this week. According to the police, Claire Njoki Kibia (left) was shot a few weeks ago and Marsha Minaj (right) was shot and killed on Sunday in an ambush in Migingo, Kayole Estate. [File, Standard]
Recent posting of images of a slain woman suspected to have been a criminal has once again turned the focus on a person(s) believed to be a police officer(s) active in social media under pseudo names.

A source within the police confidentially said they are police officers who have taken to social media to fight violent crime in parts of Eastlands.

Interviews with a number of undercover detectives reveal those operating behind the pseudo names are real officers involved in the fight against crime specifically in Kayole, Huruma and Dandora.

“It is an intentional move because we know most of these suspects are now online where they communicate and plan various criminal activities. They are also customers on these Facebook pages,” said a senior officer aware of the new tricks.

So far the names being used in online posts include Hessy wa Kayole, Hessy wa Eastlando, Hessy wa Huruma, Hessy wa Dandora and Blackest Widow.

It is not clear if it is one officer or many who are behind the trend.

With no fear of being accused of extra-judicial killing, the cops have been posting photos of wanted criminals and telling them to change their ways or they would be killed.

Air of fear

It depends on one’s area of operation. They all have targets to reduce crime and some officers say at times they arrest and prosecute suspects who are later released by the courts.

These are all police officers who are actively involved in the fight against armed crime.

To many, “Hessy” is a slang for police officer.

It is a popular term among the youth especially in Eastlands.

“They use all means to get information on these criminals and post them on these sites for the targeted audience. We know they read the information because they comment there.”

To others, it is the fearless manner in which the officers post their warnings, complete with pictures of the criminals and the crime in which they are involved in telling them to change their ways, that has now bewildered many and left a mysterious air of fear among criminal gangs.

Some field officers have been warned with death and are now living in fear. They don’t want to take chances given up to five officers have been shot dead in Nairobi alone in the past four months in incidents linked to armed criminals.

In all the cases, police have been robbed of their pistols.

According sources, the gangs are nowadays targeting police rifles. The officers seem to coordinate their operations in a well-calculated manner.

Whenever a wanted gangster is killed, they post their photos on the Facebook pages indicating they are no more and at times saying their accomplices are at large and name them together with their photos.

Suspects killed

Most of these suspects have been killed in Kayole. In the past week alone, close to 20 suspects have been gunned down in the city in war on crime.

Police say they have recovered many guns and managed to control crime in the areas. Most of the suspects are believed to be members of Gaza, a criminal gang operating in Kayole and Dandora.

Their operations came to the limelight after the killing of female suspect Claire Njoki alias Clea Adi Vybz nicknamed “Nairobi’s prettiest thug” three weeks ago.

Hessy wa Kayole had warned her to reform or face dire consequences.

And few days later, Claire was mowed down by police bullets in Chokaa area on May 9.

“Clea Adi Vybz, do you remember my warning to her to stop committing robberies with her husband Mwanii?” Hessy wa Kayole posted after the woman was killed.

Then come Sunday, another female suspect identified as only Marsha Minaj was gunned down in Migingo, Kayole