Ngwako Malatji, Sunday World, 2017-06-15

Controversial Limpopo MEC for arts and culture Onicca Moloi has refused to apologise to citizens who were offended by the language she used in the video she posted on social media in which she slams women who enhance their bodies.

Limpopo MEC for Sport, Arts and Culture Onicca Moloi. Picture credit: SANDILE NDLOVU

“I won’t apologise for what I said nor for the language I used. In fact, I would repeat the words if I were to do so, there is nothing wrong I said,” she said.

In the video, Moloi, who is popularly known as “MEC Wodumo”, starts off by claiming there were women who post pictures on social media flaunting their firm derrière and voluptuous curves while she and other women have flat butts despite the hard work they put in at gyms.

Moloi lampooned the women and charged that their backsides and curves were bought and fake, and said they would wobble in five to 10 years.

“Dumelang. Go nale taba mo South Africa ene taba ye ga e ntshware gabotse. Banenyana ba pousa ka marago a mabotse a go ema. Ba pousa ka di curve tse di botse tsa go ema. Mara rena regare re ya di gym bare squattang re ya squatta mara re maplanka.

“Aowa badireka. Ba reka marago, ba reka di curve gore ge ba pousitje mo di Instagram ba pouse ba le botse ka marago a go ema,” she said.

Loosely translated, the MEC said the matter of women who enhanced their bums and curves did not sit well with her. She said they were doing it to look attractive when they post their pictures on Instagram.

The video went viral after she posted it on Instagram .

Onicca Moloi dressed by Power of collaboration partners, Photo by Eugene Mahlaba.

It sparked mixed reactions, with some in Limpopo calling for her to be reprimand, while others backed her for speaking her mind.

“Women have the right to enhance their body parts and that don’t change who they are,” said a party provincial executive committee member, who asked not be named.

A prominent businessman, also from Limpopo, said: “The language she used there, without any provocation, does not befit the decorum of the office she occupies,” he said.

But another ANC member agreed with Moloi. “She is right for speaking her mind. Women must stop wearing fake curves and fake buttocks,” he said.

Moloi hit back at her critics.

“People say they were offended by the statement “go reka marago”. Then how do you say that in Sepedi? We are so colonised that we take offence when things are said in Sepedi while not when said in English,” she said.