George Cross recipient who saved 200 lives in the Kenyan shopping mall massacre shoots and kills two gunmen who ambushed him in Nairobi despite being hit twice in the leg

  • Dominic Troulan, 54, was shot twice in the leg during an ambush in Nairobi
  • George Cross-winning hero saved hundreds of lives during Westgate terror raid
  • But friends say it is unlikely he was targeted by Al-Shabaab terrorists in revenge   


Kenyan police and soldiers (pictured) eventually broke the siege but at least 67 people were murdered

A former Royal Marine awarded the George Cross for saving hundreds of people during the Westgate mall terror raid has killed two people after being ambushed in Kenya.

Dominic Troulan, 54, was shot twice in the leg during the attack in Nairobi after gunmen riding on a motorbike attacked him.

The veteran, who spent 30 years in the military before retiring as a major, became the first civilian to win the George Cross in decades for his bravery during the 2013 Islamist mall siege in the Kenyan capital.

At least 67 people were murdered in the attack – but Troulan saved the lives of more than 100 people trapped inside the building as Al-Shabaab terrorists were slaughtering civilians.

Hero Dominic Trouland, who has been shot in an ambush in Nairobi

Several months ago the hero, who lives in Kenya and works as a security consultant, was in danger once again, according to The Sun.

A friend of his told the paper that Troulan was walking by the road with a backpack when two men on a motorbike pulled over, pulling out their weapons.

He added: ‘There was a lot of shouting, and the two of them pulled their weapons simultaneously.

‘Dom shot the first guy twice, and then the driver ran at him shooting, so he put a couple of rounds into him too.’

The gunmen somehow got on the bike and escaped but are thought to have died of their wounds later.

Troulan then checked himself into hospital and had the bullets removed.

But the bane of Al-Shabaab does not believe he was being targeted by the fanatics – he believes it was much more likely to be a robbery gone wrong.

The Foreign Office said they know Troulan and know of the incident, but were not contacted by him after the shooting.

His George Cross was awarded ‘for saving lives during the Westgate Shopping Mall terrorist attack in Kenya in 2013’.

The notes attached to the award read: ‘Dominic Troulan, a security consultant working in Nairobi, was contacted by a friend who asked him to go to the incident to try and locate the friend’s wife and daughter.

‘On arrival at the Mall, Troulan contacted the family by telephone and entered the Mall. He was armed with only a pistol while the area was dominated by terrorists armed with grenades and machine guns.

‘Nevertheless, Troulan managed to bring the two women to safety.

‘Realising that large numbers of civilians remained trapped while the terrorists continued to kill indiscriminately, Troulan re-entered the Mall.

‘Over the course of several hours, he went into the building at least a dozen times and on each occasion managed to bring many innocent civilians to safety.’