Socialite and provocateur Zodwa Wabantu stole the Durban July by going pantyless in a high-voltage sexy design.

In the digital age we live in, celebs come in more than just the actor, singer and sportsman profiles.

By Aneesa Adams, Sunday World, 2017-07-28

If used correctly and effectively, social media can turn someone into an overnight sensation.

Just ask baby Taylor Morrison – who is three going on 50 – and Thulasizwe Dambuza, better known as Babes Wamaleyvels, who have millions of followers as a result of their humour.

Someone who captured millions internationally with her voice is Indian-born YouTube singing sensation Vidya Vox. She was born in Chennai and raised in Virginia, in the United States.

There’s also Zodwa Wabantu, whose salacious online videos have gained her many male fans.

Comedian Waseef Piekaan, better known as Cape Town gogo Mariam Kerrie, cleverly uses his comedic skits via his Facebook page to advertise local businesses.

And then there’s Ryan Dee and Moshe Ndiki, whose comedy sketches are a dime a dozen.

Morrison, the baby diva from Durban, has won the hearts of Mzansi people with her attitude and oh-so-sassy demeanour.

Socialite and provocateur Zodwa Wabantu stole the Durban July by going pantyless in a high-voltage sexy design.

She has so much oodles of cuteness that Comedy Central started playing snippets of her videos recently.

Her mom, Kim Morrison, is the one responsible for capturing these precious moments. “At first I actually didn’t know how big this was going to be,” she says.

“Somebody got hold of one of her videos and it went viral on WhatsApp.”

Morrison’s younger sister then started a Facebook page and started to post more short videos of the toddler.

One of the videos that went viral shows Taylor being reprimanded by her mom to go to the naughty corner.

Being the cheeky little girl she is, the mom and toddler then get into an argument and it ends with Taylor telling her mom that she isn’t actually her child.

“I’m being cute, but I’m not being naughty.

“That’s not funny mommy,” she scolds her mother, who struggles to hold back her giggles.

Other more recent videos show her complaining of how she has done the washing and cleaned her kitchen and another with the little madam telling family not to irritate her.

“She mimics her grandmother, who is the cheeky one in the family,” says Morrison.

Her mom says baby Taylor is actually camera shy and does not really speak to strangers.

It seems KwaZulu-Natal is not holding back with their stars.

Hosana Ngobese, aka Fash Ngobese is hilarious in his vlogs. The 22-year-old has over 500000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The material for the vlogs are inspired by things people do or go through day to day.

“I have always been interested in gadgets and comedy. I put the two together and Bob’s your uncle. I went viral with my first video,” says Ngobese.

“I really want to take over the entertainment industry.

“I know I can do it if I stay consistent and keep the energy,” he says excitedly.

His snippets make fun of musicians, politicians and everyday people.

One of his better efforts is the remake of Cassper’s Tito Mboweni song into a church tune.

These vlogs are so funny because they are so relatable.

The fabulous Thulasizwe Dambuza, aka Babes Wamaleyvels, offers Mr Bean material on steroids.

With a flurry of ridiculous wigs, hilarious pronunciation, multiple personalities and impromptu skills that no one would dare think of, the Soweto-born lad says he has wanted to be an actor since birth.

“Since birth I wanted to be on Generations. All my life I have been going to auditions. They always said: ‘No, too small’.”

“Even now I look like I’m 14, so looking younger has always been a disadvantage,” says the 19-year-old.

For those who don’t know him, he is also the brother of Khanyi Mbau.

However, in the same breath, Dambuza says he never wants his credibility to ride on her fame.

“I decided to take my phone and audition myself and see what I’m capable of.

“That’s how I got into this thing of learning about different personalities and everything else,” he says.

One of his most famous skits is the ‘Doom’ vlog – a LOL moment inspired by the pastor who used the insect spray to “cure” his congregants.

The term “Fara Lawd God” often trends on Twitter streets thanks to Dambuza, who doubles as the handsome Marcus from time to time.

He says his videos are inspired by anything and everything around him.

“I’m a curator, I adapt to my environment,” says Dambuza.

His recent Memeza, Sister Bettina challenge and You are pregnant videos are gaining momentum.

He is versatile in showing off reactions as experienced by various races of the rainbow nation.

“It has been overwhelming on this journey but I love the whole experience,” he says.

“It really does show that hard work does pay off in the end.”

Dambuza hopes his fame can move beyond social media and onto the big screen .

He currently hosts the MTV show You Got Got.

“I would love to get a reality show; I want people to know the story behind the videos,” says Dambuza.

International star Vidya Vox has blown up the YouTube scene with her voice.

Her story is similar to Justin Bieber, who was also discovered via the internet.

Vox found success after uploading mash-ups of Bollywood and Western pop music to YouTube in 2015.

The songs quickly gained recognition from stars like Diplo, Major Lazer, and Hrithik Roshan.

It then gained traction in the media through Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, The Hindu, and the Deccan Chronicle.

She now has over 250million views on YouTube.

This Indian sensation will be coming to South Africa in September.