By Dean Lister, Journal Montreal, 09/26/2017

A 5ft 6 unlucky-in-love janitor unexpectedly married a former Miss Canada, after a remarkable turn of fortune.

A 5ft 6 unlucky-in-love janitor unexpectedly married a former Miss Canada, after a remarkable turn of fortune.

47 year old Rick Draper, of Edmonton, had never been married, had no kids, and worked as a lowly janitor at a local high school. But then one day, his luck changed, and women were flocking to his door. One such lady was 33 year old former Miss Canada, Darlene Hanson.

What had happened to make Rick become so attractive to the opposite sex? Well, one day, he came into a serious amount of money, thanks to winning the Jackpot on Captain Cooks. After netting over $800k, the women of Edmonton now found Rick irresistible!

It all changed when Rick was surfing on Facebook during a smoke break at work. He saw a message about a new online casino, already a hit in the United States. They gave 80 Free Spins out as an introduction for new members! That I had to try, I had little to lose!” he said.

In his eighteenth turn Rick won the progressive jackpot of ‘Captain Cook’s’ “Mermaid’s Treasure” game, and took home $892.329 in less than 5 minuets. This was more than 30 times his annual salary!

“I did not believe it.” Rick said “At first I thought the app was fake, some American scam. So I cashed out and didn’t expect anything. A few days later I checked my bank account and saw a balance of over 800k! Once I saw the money in my bank account I knew it was true”

Despite folk’s concerns about Darlene’s motives, Rick remains unfazed. “I ain’t under any spell. I know full well what she’s after. But it suits both of us. She gets some money to buy nice clothes, and I get to walk around with a total babe on my arm!”

Gambling industry expert Alan Silver shares his thoughts on this sensation, “What you often see in new online casinos is that they run a huge loss in the beginning because they have a lot of money off roads to come in the hope of new customers. That makes this the perfect time to score well with Captain Cook. Once a customer base is established winning becomes much harder therefore it is very important to capitalize on new casino games and capture all the winnings you can. ”

ATV journalist Marieke Kessel tried it herself. She won $190 after 7 minutes. “Unfortunately, it’s not as much as Rick but I’m not complaining.”