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Zimbabwe’s Mugabe agrees to terms of resignation

By Jamie Tarabay, David McKenzie and Brent Swails. CNN. 11/20/2017 Mugabe disappointed Zimbabweans when he didn't resign during televised address His political party had given him until noon Monday to quit or be impeached Harare, Zimbabwe (CNN) Zimbabwe's long-time president Robert Mugabe has agreed...

The traditional Zulu wedding

By African Wedding Traditions, 11/19/2017 A Zulu wedding, like most African weddings, is vibrant with colors, music and dancing. There are other traditions when it comes to South African weddings but Zulu weddings are among the most popular because of the...

Faces of Africa – Polygamous Love

By  Wu Yingna, CGTN, 11/19/2017 The Maasai are traditionally polygamous with old and young men taking up to three, four or more wives in their lifetime. The need for a second or third wife is not always for the man’s satisfaction but for the...

Meet Masiphumelele’s budding violinists

“We like the African beats and we also play classics” By Ashraf Hendricks, Ground Up, 11/18/2017 In a small classroom learners from Masiphumelele are learning a new skill: playing the violin. The outreach program, that takes place on the campus of non-profit organisation Masiphumelele...

People for sale: Where lives are auctioned for $400

By Nima Elbagir, Raja Razek, Alex Platt and Bryony Jones, CNN News, 11/14/2017 Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- "Eight hundred," says the auctioneer. "900 ... 1,000 ... 1,100 ..." Sold. For 1,200 Libyan dinars -- the equivalent of $800. Not a used car, a...

The children’s war: They were rescued from a brutal conflict in South Sudan

The children’s war: They were rescued from a brutal conflict in South Sudan. Now many former boy soldiers are going back. By  Kevin Sieff, Washington Post, 11/11/2017 PIBOR, South Sudan - Outside, the young men with guns were playing dominoes and drinking tea. Babacho...

British Army’s Kenya training threatened by land row

By Adrian Blomfield, Ben Farmer, The Telegraph, 11/10/2017 The British Army could be forced to abandon training troops in Kenya after the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered soldiers to stop conducting vital exercises on private ranches. The decision threatens to upend a decades-long...

Knickers for New Life ministry giving hope to girls in Uganda

By Amy B. McCraw, Blue Ridge Now, 11/10/2017 Typically, Watha Kollmeyer witnesses a combination of amazement–soon followed by a desire to help— when she tells people that girls in Uganda often remain locked in poverty only because they lack underwear and...

After Kenya vote drama, secessionist talk enters mainstream

By Christopher Torchia, Washington Post, 11/08/2017 JOHANNESBURG — During Kenya’s election upheaval, a few protesters displayed images of the flag of the “People’s Republic of Kenya,” a notional breakaway state. Some posted online images of Kenya divided into two nations along ethnic...

Burundi bans women from playing traditional drums

By AFP, The East AFrican, 11/03/2017 Burundi's president, Pierre Nkurunziza, has introduced strict controls over the country's renowned drumming rituals, banning female drummers and limiting the sacred tradition to official events. "It is strictly forbidden to those of the female sex to...
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